Urban Outfitters Sued By Teen Model's Parents for $28 Million

The suit charges the company with using lewd photos of the teen on several of its products.

We’re not sure whether a 15-year-old model’s parents are more outraged by Urban Outfitters’ use of sexually suggestive, partially nude images of their daughter or the fact that they didn’t approve the use of them by the retail clothing chain in the first place.

The parents filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday against Urban Outfitters and photographer Jason Lee Parry for using images of their daughter from a photo shoot last year on t-shirts, and other products.

"She is posed in a blatantly salacious manner with her legs spread, without a bra, revealing portions of her breasts," the lawsuit says according to the New York Daily News.

The court papers go on to describe the use of images of the teen in illegal acts like drinking beer and riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

It seems that the parents knew about the photo shoot and its racy poses, but object to the retailer’s use of them without their permission. They’ve asked that their names and that of their daughter be kept anonymous and they’re asking for $28 million in damages.