U.S. vs. Belgium: Mike Tyson Says, 'Take a Bunch of Chocolate and Stuff It Up Their Ass' (Video)

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Mike Tyson

The boxer gives the men's soccer team a pep talk ahead of today's big World Cup game.

Mike Tyson is helping the U.S. soccer team get pumped up for its big World Cup game against Belgium today.

In a video taped for Fox Sports' @TheBuzzer, the boxer urges the U.S. team to fight.

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"Everyone thinks they're just gonna walk over us. Especially the Belgians, right? It's not gonna happen," Tyson says. "We're gonna surprise 'em right? We're gonna kick Belgians' f—ing ass, right? We're gonna do it, right?"

He tells the U.S. team to be careful of officials making bad calls, saying, "They're gonna try and screw the Americans."

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And he offers one big anti-Belgium instruction for after the game: "After today's game, we're gonna take those Belgian guys and take a bunch of chocolate and stuff it up their ass."

The video also features a few "U-S-A" chants.

Watch the full video below.