U.S. China Film & TV Industry Expo to Launch Golden Screen Awards

Los Angeles Skyline GETTY H 2016
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The new awards gala, held during the U.S.-China industry conference in November, will honor film professionals and companies for excellence in co-productions and international relations.

The 2016 U.S. China Film & TV Industry Expo (UCFTI), held in Los Angeles on Nov. 2-3, will debut the first edition of the Golden Screen Awards, a special gala honoring individuals and companies for excellence in film co-productions and international relations.

The inaugural awards event was announced at a press conference during the Beijing International Film Festival Tuesday.

Launched in Los Angeles in 2013, UCFTI is an annual exchange platform designed to foster business ties between the Chinese and U.S. film and TV industries — which comprise the world's two largest entertainment markets. The event is co-sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America, China Film Co-Production Corporation and The Hollywood Reporter.

"The UCFTI Expo is emblematic of the blending between the U.S. and Chinese film and television industries," said John Amato, president of Entertainment Group, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. "We are pleased to help bring together industry leaders from the two giants of entertainment, facilitating the mutually beneficial deals that will reach across borders and shape our entertainment for years to come,” he added. 

This year's UCFTI Expo will culminate with "China Night," a VIP party held on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles, bringing together power players from the Chinese and U.S. industries.

Said Bianca Chen, founder and CEO of UCFTI Expo: "With more and more industry insiders becoming familiar with the UCFTI Expo, we believe in the next several years, we will make even more excellent co-productions to propel the trade, exchange, training and cooperation of the two countries' film and TV industries."