Too much U.S. fare on CBC, group says

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting criticizes programming

TORONTO – The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Wednesday was accused of favoring U.S. programming over Canadian fare in primetime.

The Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, which represents 50,000 domestic TV viewers, said the public broadcaster will air seven hours of foreign, mostly American, programming in the fall in primetime, which includes a simulcast of the U.S. game show "Jeopardy!"

"CBC is supposed to be about presenting Canada to its citizens, not American game shows and Hollywood movies," Friends spokesman Ian Morrison said.

An accompanying report from the Friends indicated the CBC has aired about 200 foreign, mostly American, movies during the past eight months, or about four times the number of Canadian movies that aired during the same period.

CBC executives, responding to the Friends report, said it was inaccurate and that the public broadcaster would never breach its Canadian content obligations.