U.S. Filmmakers Team Up With Manga Legend Santa Inoue on 'Tokyo Tribe' TV Show


Producers are looking at international cast for the TV adaptation of the hip-hop-inspired manga.

Producer Patrick S. Cunningham and filmmaker Darryl Wharton-Rigby have acquired TV rights to the hip-hop-influenced manga series Tokyo Tribe and will shoot a pilot in the coming months.

Cunningham acquired the rights to Tokyo Tribe from its creator, Santa Inoue, who will take part in the development and production of the TV series.

"Everyone loves this manga, and we just formally acquired the rights before the Cannes Film Festival. We are developing a pilot, which we will shoot over the summer, and we are looking at a cast of Japanese, U.S., Chinese and possibly Korean actors. The show will initially be shot in Tokyo, but there will also be some international locations," Cunningham told THR.

Japanese director Sion Sono made a movie of the counterculture manga in 2013, which is set in a dystopian Tokyo where 23 street gangs rule and ultraviolence holds sway.

Cunningham was speaking from Los Angeles where he was speaking to music supervisors, but both he and Wharton-Rigby are based in Tokyo.

"Inoue is involved in the development 100 percent," Cunningham said.