U.S. households have more TV sets

Nielsen reports this is the largest increase since 2006

NEW YORK -- The average U.S. household has 2.93 TV sets, up from 2.86 in a year-ago study, making for the largest increase since 2006, media measurement firm Nielsen said Wednesday.

With the average number of people per TV home steady at 2.5, the average household continues to have more TVs than people.

The number of homes with three or more TV sets increased to 55% this year, while 28% have two sets and 17% have one set, according to Nielsen's latest Television Audience Report.

Other findings from the report include:

-- less than 10% of homes receive their TV signal over-the-air

-- 34% of households have a DVR

-- 46% of homes are able to receive an HD signal

-- total ad spending on network TV in 2009 was down 10% from the year before, while spending on cable networks rose 16%