U.S. Indie Filmmakers Collect $60,000 Worth of Postproduction Prizes at Poland Fest

The awards are part of the US in Progress sidebar at Wroclaw, Poland's American Film Festival.

WROCLAW, Poland -- U.S. independent filmmakers walked away with prizes in postproduction and promotional services worth $60,000 Sunday as the fourth American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, wrapped.

The prizes, awarded as part of the festival's industry sidebar, US in Progress, went to all six films selected to participate in the event, although there were two big winners.

Evan Wolf Buxbaum's Sun Belt Express, produced by Noah Lang and Iyabo Boyd, received DI image postproduction from Platige Image studio; foley from Aeroplan Studio; soundtrack from composer Maciej Zielinski of Soundflower Studio -- all Warsaw-based companies -- and final sound mix from Alvernia Studios in Krakow.

Lake Los Angeles by Mike Ott and produced by Athina Rachel Tsangari was offered DI image postproduction from DI Factory studio and foley from Aeroplan Studio, both Warsaw-based; DCP creation from DCINEX; subtitling from VSI Paris/Chinkel; and the promotional award from Europa Distribution International and CICAE.

Other awards included to Summer of Blood by director-producer Onur Tukel (producers: Clifford McCurdy, Melodie Sisk, Max Heller, Matt Grady), which was offered sound design from Soundflower Studio; Wild Canaries by Lawrence Michael Levine (producers: Sophia Takal, Kim Sherman and McCabe Walsh), was given an Acquisition Award by the Polish film channel Ale Kino+.

Aeroplan Studio also offered soundtrack composition to Happy Baby by Stephen Elliott (producer: Jessica Caldwell), and producer Ashley Maynor (Some Beasts by Cameron Nelson) received a free pass for the 2014 Producers’ Network in Cannes.

A two-day event, US in Progress brings together American independent filmmakers and European buyers. More than 40 projects applied although on six were selected.

More than 50 participants took part, including programmers from Rotterdam FF, Tribeca FF and Semaine de la Critique. Attending buyers included Match Factory, K5, The Works, Urban Distribution, Wide Management, Reel Suspects, Film Republic, New Europe Film Sales and Sophie Dulac Distribution