U.S. Indie Filmmakers Set to Gather in Poland for Industry Workshop

I Used to Be Darker

U.S.A. (Director: Matthew Porterfield, Screenwriters: Amy Belk, Matthew Porterfield)

A runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore, only to find their marriage ending and her cousin in crisis. In the days that follow, the family struggles to let go while searching for things to sustain them. Cast: Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Kim Taylor, Ned Oldham, Geoff Grace, Nick Petr.

A two-day event is part of Wroclaw's 4th American Film Festival.

MOSCOW -- Independent filmmakers from the U.S. with projects in the final stages of production will be gathering in Wroclaw, Poland next month to help complete their movies and encourage the distribution of American indie films in Europe.

U.S. in Progress Wroclaw -- a two-day industry sidebar of the city's 4th American Film Festival, will bring six projects together European buyers, post-production houses and festivals for a series of exclusive registered-guest only screenings and one-to-one meetings.

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The half dozen projects, selected from around 40 submissions, will compete for awards that include post-production services from European companies worth nearly $60,000 and promotional services from other event partners.

The competing projects: dramas Lake Los Angeles by Mike Ott (produced by Athina Rachel Tsangari), Happy Baby by Stephen Elliott (produced by Jessica Caldwell ) and Some Beasts by Cameron Nelson (produced by Ashley Maynor and Courtney Ware); crime story Wild Canaries by Lawrence Michael Levine (produced by Sophia Takal, Kim Sherman and McCabe Walsh); frontier black comedy Sun Belt Express by Evan Wolf Buxbaum (producers: Noah Lang and Iyabo Boyd); and Summer of Blood, a New York vampire comedy by director-producer Onur Tukel.

U.S. in Progress partners are: Warsaw-based companies, Platige Image, DI Factory, Soundplace and composer Macjiev Zielinski of Soundflower Studio; Alvernia Studios, Krakow; DCinex, Belgium; VSI, Paris; Europa Distribution, CICAE and the Cannes Film Market's Producers Network.

Launched in 2011, when it was known as Gotham in Progress, by the New Horizons Association and Black Rabbit Film, the event has nurtured films that include Sundance 2013 screeners, Matt Porterfield's I Used to be Darker and David Andalman's American Milkshake; and Hide Your Smiling Faces by Daniel Carbone.

U.S. in Progress runs in Wroc?aw, Poland, Oct. 23-25.