Rafael Nadal Sports $690,000 Watch for U.S. Open

Rafael Nadal US Open - H 2013
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Rafael Nadal US Open - H 2013

The tennis star has worn the Richard Mille timepiece for every match of this year's tournament.

Add watches to the list of accessories (headbands, neon hair) that are getting attention on the tennis court. In the run-up to tonight's final of the U.S. Open against Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal has once again been brandishing a $690,000 Richard Mille tourbillon watch his team co-designed with the Swiss company.

Nadal told CNBC he can't imagine playing without wearing it. "I don't feel the watch. It's very light, and when I don't wear the watch I feel like something is not working."

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Weighing only 19 grams, the timepiece is made of complex carbon composites and titanium. The watch was also designed to withstand up to 5,000 Gs of force. He's worn it for every match this year and it's obviously not affecting his style. He's won nine major titles so far in 2013.

His Richard Mille RM 027-01 is a follow-up to the $525,000 RM 027 he's worn since teaming up with Richard Mille in 2010. Richard Mille — which initially got a no from the athlete's team when it approached him — spent a year developing the original RM 027 so it would be durable and light enough for Nadal to wear on the court. With the tennis player promoting it, the watch, which came in at 20 grams, sold out of its limited edition of 50 last year. 

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Nadal's Tourbillon RM 027-01 is available at the Richard Mille boutique in Beverly Hills.