U.S. scribes attend French residency

'Autumn Stories' six-week screenwriters program

PARIS -- U.S. screenwriters John Brian King, Cynthia Riddle, Rusty Lemorande and Danielle Wolff will put on their best French accents on Thursday when they head to Royaumont Abbey for a six-week residency program hosted by the Ile de France Film Commission and the Sacem's Franco-American Cultural Fund.

Founded in 2006, the annual "Autumn Stories" program hosts four U.S. scribes from the Writers Guild of America while they complete a France-based feature film project. The writers, selected by the WGA, will work on their scripts, meet other French industry professionals, scout locations and enjoy lunches and dinners in Royaumont and in nearby Paris.

King's "Hotel Stendhal" follows two American girls in Paris for vacation whose lives are changed forever, Lemorande's "The Magic Man" follows a magician from the U.S. to France during the age of illusionist Eugene-Robert Houdin, Riddle's "Curtains" focuses on the friendship and rivalry between Sarah Bernhardt and Marie Colombier and Wolff's "Danielle Casanova" is the story of women fighting for justice and equality. The "Autumn Stories" program will run from Oct. 1 through Nov. 5.