Usher Fan Apologizes for Onstage Kick in the Mouth

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Following concert miscue Donnetia Rabb tells singer she hopes the YouTube moment 'did not leave you with any marks'

Concert-goer Donnetia Rabb has formally apologized for an over-excited kick in the mouth to crooner Usher during a recent on-stage moment -- in front of thousands of fans at Madison Square Garden and at least one video camera.

"I never intended to kick him in the face, much less draw attention to such a mishap," Rabb said in a statement.

The concert moment was captured on YouTube (at the 2:58 mark) and it was clear there was plenty of apologizing going on. But Rabb felt the need to set the record straight on paper.

Usher made light of the situation at the time on stage by joking, "We play rough in bed, we kick each other in the face and all kinds of good stuff." The star then continued with the concert.

Rabb added that she hoped “my over-excited, once-in-a -lifetime moment did not leave you with any marks or even as much as a headache.”