Usher on Tidal: We're Only Getting Started

Paul Familetti

“We're definitely making only the starting of difference," Usher said.

Tidal has only taken its first step toward revolutionizing the music industry, says company stakeholder Usher.

The 8-time Grammy Award-winning artist gave an interview to Bloomberg Tuesday, elaborating on Monday's momentous Tidal announcement in New York, which he attended alongside fifteen other celebrity stakeholders, including Kanye West and Daft Punk.

"Today is definitely a really amazing benchmark for something very significant in many, many artists' careers," Usher said. "We're definitely making only the starting of difference."

As for what sets Tidal apart from its competitors, Usher added, "The control. I guess the ability to have a sense of control is what Tidal offers."

Usher appeared on Bloomberg to talk about his upcoming gig at Global Citizen Earth Day, which he’ll be headlining for a crowd of 250,000 people in D.C. on April 18th. The day is dedicated to ending extreme poverty and addressing climate change.