UTA Promotes 11 People to Agents


In total, 35 were promoted across divisions.

UTA has promoted 35 across divisions to agent, executive and associate levels, as well as coordinator.

Of those promoted, eleven are now agents across divisions the included talent, digital motion picture lit and television lit.

“This next generation of leaders have exhibited a profound spirit of resilience, innovation and ability that no pandemic could impact,” said UTA Co-President David Kramer in a statement. “The promotions serve as important milestones for our colleagues in their careers, as well as a testament to UTA’s continued evolution and growth across multiple business areas. I’m confident our clients and company will be well-served by their talents for years to come.”

The news comes several weeks after the agency announced that it would be reinstating employees full pay, after cuts that were made due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read those elevated in the announcement below:

UTA promoted the following colleagues to Agent, Executive and Associate levels. In Los Angeles, Pranav Mandavia is now an Agent in Digital Talent; A.J. Leone is now an Agent in Emerging Platforms; Zuzanna Ciolek is now an Executive in Fine Arts; Olivia Fanaro is now an Agent in Media Rights; Eni Akintade is now an Agent in Motion Picture Literary; Aïcha Forbes-Diaby is now an Associate in Music Business Affairs; Angelica Ayala-Torres is now an Executive in Music Innovation; Jordan Gorelick is now an Agent in Talent; Riley Folsom is now an Agent in Talent/Music Crossover; Liam McNamara is now an Associate in Television Business Affairs; Faith Brown, Connor Morgan, Talia Myers and Alejandra Reyes and are now Agents in Television Literary; and Kendall Schreiberg is now an Executive in UTA Marketing; and in New York, Mallory Guzzi is now a Designer in Brand Studio and Tina Dunca is now an Agent in Music Brand Partnerships. 

UTA also announced 18 new Coordinators across multiple divisions. In Los Angeles, Qihan “Silas” Wang is now a Coordinator in Asia Business Development Crossover; Alex Swilley is now a Coordinator in Brand Studio; Kyle Boulia is now a Coordinator in Corporate Communications; Nicole Vincent is now a Coordinator in Digital Talent; Alex Don is now a Coordinator in Esports; Taylor Weil is now a Coordinator in Human Resources; Isaiah Jones is now a Coordinator in Live Events; Jev Valles is now a Coordinator in Motion Picture Literary; Brian Mercer is now a Coordinator in Speakers; Ross Wiggins is now a Coordinator in Talent; Echo Matthews and Spencer Reiss are now Coordinators in Television Literary; and Jeumana Jaber and Courtney Poey are now Coordinators in UTA Ventures; in New York, Candice Lyseight is now a Coordinator in Human Resources; Noah Friedlander is now a Coordinator in Music; and Dan Milaschewski is now a Coordinator in Publishing; and in Florida, Jessica Diehr is now a Coordinator in Speakers. 

The elevated group exemplifies a range of backgrounds and experiences across gender, ethnicity and service in our country’s armed forces. Over half of those promoted identify as female, two are veterans, and over three-fourths started in the company’s industry-leading Agent Training Program, with one-fourth of those starting in UTA’s Internship program.