UTA Promotes Eight to Partner

UTA Promotion Split - H 2015
Courtesy of UTA

UTA Promotion Split - H 2015

The agency has elevated Marissa Devins, Nancy Gates, Peter Goldberg, Ramses IsHak, Rena Ronson, Leslie Schuster, Michael Sheresky and Brent Weinstein.

UTA has minted eight new partners, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. They are:

·      Marissa Devins, who represents creators, showrunners and writers in the TV lit department

·      Nancy Gates, who co-heads the TV talent department out of New York

·      Peter Goldberg of New York-based N.S. Bienstock, which UTA acquired in 2014

·      Ramses IsHak, an agent in the motion picture lit department

·      Leslie Schuster, head of the TV director department and an agent in the TV lit department

·      Michael Sheresky, an agent in the motion picture lit department

·      Rena Ronson, who heads UTA’s Independent Film Group

·      Brent Weinstein, head of the agency’s digital media department, which he helped launch in 2003

“We are proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of Marissa, Nancy, Peter, Ramses, Rena, Leslie, Mike and Brent,” UTA managing directors David Kramer, Jay Sures and Jeremy Zimmer said in a joint statement. “Each of them has played a major role in innovating our expertise across a diverse range of practice areas as well as providing the 100 percent client focus that drives our agency. We are proud to have them join the UTA partnership.”

From left: Brent Weinstein, Leslie Schuster, Marissa Devins, Michael Sheresky