UTA sues 'Stargate' actor


UTA filed suit Monday against "Stargate: Atlantis" actor Joe Flanigan in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that the actor owes $99,225 in commissions.

The agency claims Flanigan entered into an oral contract with it in 1998, agreeing to pay 10% commissions on projects, including his deal to play Lt. Col. John Sheppard on the Sci Fi Channel series.

Flanigan paid the agency for Seasons 1-3 of the series but has not paid commissions on his $992,250 salary for Season 4, UTA claims.

The agency alleges it also is entitled to commissions for upcoming Seasons 5-6.

Flanigan's manager, John Carrabino, said of the lawsuit: "I had no idea they did this. This is the first time I'm hearing about this."

The lawsuit comes more than a week after UTA won a $1.7 million default judgment against Wesley Snipes for unpaid commission.

Last week, Snipes said he never received notice of the lawsuit, filed in summer 2006, and will appeal.

Court records indicate that UTA's attorney filed papers indicating the lawsuit had been served on Snipes. It also published notices of the default judgment in newspapers in Los Angeles and New Jersey.