UTA's Jay Sures Says VP Pick Tim Kaine Is a "Home Run"

Jay Sures Tim Kaine Split - H 2016
Paul Morigi/WireImage/Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Chrysalis

"He knows the inner workings of government, and knows how to get stuff done but be reasonable and kind in the process," says the UTA managing director.

Just days before Sen. Tim Kaine was running for vice president alongside Hillary Clinton, he was having dinner with the Hollywood elite.

UTA managing director Jay Sures hosted the party of about 30 A-list guests Monday night, including Dana Walden, Kevin Reilly, Rich Ross, Glenn Geller, Chuck Lorre and Sherry Lansing.

"He’s been a personal friend of mine for years," says Sures of Clinton's newly minted running mate. "He’s one of the most profoundly decent, honest, kind, thoughtful men you could ever meet."

Sures says Kaine's career path shows he truly seeks to serve others. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Kaine chose to be a missionary in Honduras instead of pursuing a lucrative legal career. When he returned, he chose civil rights law and then government, serving as mayor of Richmond, lieutenant governor and governor of Virginia and now holds a position as U.S. senator. 

"At every point in his career, he has taken the service route and gone the opposite direction of making money," Sures says. "His actions have spoken much louder than Donald Trump's words." 

"In this world of profound instability, he is someone who is calm and thoughtful and stable," Sures says, adding that Kaine is willing to reach across the aisle to get things done. "Most of the time when he sponsors a bill, he'll co-sponsor with a Republican colleague."

While critics have complained Kaine is too "safe" a choice, Sures sees it differently. "You couldn’t ask for a bigger home run," he says. "He knows the inner workings of government, and knows how to get stuff done but be reasonable and kind in the process." 

Sures says Kaine will have an open ear to issues that are important to Hollywood, such as intellectual property protection and piracy — but don't expect him to put on a show during the campaign.

"Just because you’re the loudest guy in the room doesn’t mean you’re the smartest guy in the room," says Sures. "Look at Donald Trump. I rest my case."