'Utopia': Here's What Happened to the Show's Cows

AP Images
A cow from 'Utopia'

Fox's reality experiment was canceled after two months on the air

This story first appeared in the Dec. 5 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Some good news has come of Fox's short-lived reality experiment Utopia. The show, which got the axe in November after two months on the air, put a roster of strangers in an isolated California camp to build a perfect society.

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Now, as the cast transitions back to real life, the other stars of the series are grazing toward greener pastures. Three cows on the series -- BetsyHoney and Ca$h -- have found a new home, courtesy of the producers, at Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue group. Spared from a life in dairy production, Ca$h even has a new name: Meredith.

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