V. Stiviano Boosts Visor Sales

SAINTCHiC's paparazzi-shielding visor

The woman at the other end of Donald Sterling's racist rant is now responsible for a surge in purchases of visors like the one she's fond of wearing.

The woman at the other end of Clippers owner Donald Sterling's recorded racist rant is also helping to boost sales of the same sort of paparazzi-shielding visors that she's fond of wearing.

New York City-based SAINTCHiC says sales of visors like the one V. Stiviano wears have skyrocketed over the past week, estimating that they've increased by 600 percent. Store owner Gingie McLeod tells The Hollywood Reporter that before Stiviano was photographed sporting a visor similar to the ones they sell, they barely sold any, moving just four every three months. Now, they're selling more than 100 a day.

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McLeod, who told THR that SAINTCHiC is coming out with new colors for the visor, which is already available in a variety of hues, said that the store didn't have any visors in stock as of early Monday afternoon and were waiting for a delivery.

"It's been crazy and just getting crazier and crazier," McLeod said.

McLeod said she wasn't sure if Stiviano was wearing one of SAINTCHiC's visors, but she's certainly the reason demand for the headpieces has soared.

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When asked if people say they want a visor like the one she wore or mention Stiviano as their reason for wanting to buy a visor, McLeod said, "Everyone calls and says that. That's everyone's reason."

SAINTCHiC's paparazzi visor goes for $35 and can be purchased online, but the site notes that "some orders may take two to three weeks."