Vacated Potter date now 'Twilight' time


In the ever-evolving fall release schedule, Summit Entertainment's adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer teen vampire romance novel "Twilight" has moved from its Dec. 12 perch to Nov. 21, the date recently vacated by Warner Bros.' "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

The anticipated "Twilight" was slated to do battle against Fox's "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and was seen as counterprogramming. That view changed when last month's Comic-Con International revealed the movie and the books as a phenomenon, especially among females.

When "Half-Blood Prince" on Thursday moved its release date from Nov. 21 to July 17, Summit saw a chance to take advantage of the buzz and broaden the audience for "Twilight."

"We saw a unique opportunity to slot in our film which has been gaining tremendous awareness and momentum over the past several months," Summit's Rob Friedman said. (partialdiff)