'Vacation': 5 Most Memorable Callbacks to the Original Film

1983's 'National Lampoon's Vacation' and 2015's 'Vacation'

Clark and Rusty both have a way with attractive women in convertibles.

When it comes to taking vacations, some people just don't learn.

Vacation hit theaters this weekend, 32 years after the Chevy Chase-starring National Lampoon's Vacation. In the new film, Ed Helms plays Clark Griswold's son Rusty, who tries to get his family to reconnect by driving them to Walley World, which he visited in his younger years.

Here are five of the most memorable references in the new Vacation to the initial one.

Car shopping is never as easy as it seems

In the original, Clark gets bamboozled by a slimy car salesman, who convinces him to buy the Truckster. In the new film, Rusty opts for the Tartan Prancer, a European vehicle with confusing buttons and a very angry GPS voice.

Sexy shower time

Apparently, feeling frisky while getting clean is hereditary. With Clark having interrupted Ellen's (Beverly D'Angelo) shower in the first film, Rusty and Debbie (Christina Applegate) try to have a bathtub moment years later, but they are quickly taken out of the mood by their hotel room's level of cleanliness — not to mention the supplies that are available for scrubbing the tub.

Hot woman in a red convertible 

It's perhaps no big surprise that this iconic scene would be replicated. Clark initially caught the eye of a sexy stranger in a Ferrari, just as Rusty also later surreptitiously flirts with a convertible-driving woman. However, Rusty's rapport with his admirer is much shorter-lived than his father's was.

The family that loves to race

Clark and the family memorably parked quite a long distance from Walley World and then ran to the entrance, only to discover in the original that it's closed. The latest film in the franchise similarly shows Rusty racing his family to the Velociraptor line.

Flipping out after falling just short of the goal

Rusty doesn't pull out a BB gun like his father did, but he definitely loses his cool when he learns that his family won't be allowed to take a ride on the roller coaster after all. Luckily, his family has his back when a scuffle breaks out.

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