Makeup Monday: A New Beauty Flash Sale Site With Celeb-Curated Collections

MascaraQuote - S 2016
Courtesy of Vainite

MascaraQuote - S 2016

Vainite offers a new way to shop online for beauty products with hand-picked collections from top influencers like Kourtney Kardashian and shoe designer Tabitha Simmons.

As much as the aisles at Ulta and the end caps at Sephora are a makeup fan’s fantasy, they can also be incredibly overwhelming when trying to discover and purchase anything beyond your usual shade of foundation and must-have can of dry shampoo in multiples.

Enter Vainite, a new online beauty shopping experience curated by celebrities, designers, tastemakers and industry experts as a 4-day flash sale site offering cult favorites and under the radar products from 20-70 percent off.

Created by beauty writer Sarah Howard, former Dior beauty PR Director and current beauty brand consultant Bryn Kenny, and fashion designer Minnie Mortimer, Vainite aims to recreate the experience one has when say, wandering the beauty floor at Barneys NY or a tucked away European pharmacy.


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“We noticed a hole in the way women shop for beauty online,” says Mortimer of the inspiration behind starting Vainite (which is currently live in Beta as of Feb. 4 and will officially launch in early April). “There was no curation or discovery aspect to it. People know the color and formula they always use and can essentially order their makeup on Amazon the same way they do paper towels. We are engaging influencers and tastemakers and people we admire, to share their favorite products and recommend them.”

Thus far, those tastemakers have included, stylist and shoe designer Tabitha Simmons, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster of La Marque and soon to come, Devon Aoki, Shiva Rose and Kourtney Kardashian, who curated a collection of beauty items that they use in order to achieve a specific look and/or the go-to products brimming from their makeup bags. Trend driven events — like dark red lips from New York Fashion Week or the best in Korean Beauty — also inform the flash sale collections.

Shoppers can browse an edited version of the currently 34 brands by plugging in answers to a simple Q&A. Vainite considers a user’s complexion color, eye color and specific needs (anti-aging, organic, sensitive etc.), that are filtered through an algorithm so they can still achieve the look a tastemaker is promoting in their curated sale, but with products that are specifically suited to the user doing the shopping.

Consider it the least pushy and most helpful “perfume lady” circling the department store floor. Oh, and with the capability of buying from bed, glass of wine in hand.

The trio also has plans to make inner beauty experiences available through their flash sales, with health and wellness packages for spas and exercise classes to come in a few months.