Valentino Couture From Paris: Lace, Sleeves and Big Drama

Getty Images

A-list actresses are sure to be wearing looks from designers Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chuiri's fall 2012 couture collection soon.

Valentino fall 2012 couture in Paris this week didn't bring out the heavyweight celebs: Kim Kardashian, Clemence Poesy, Leslie Mann, Nicky Hilton and a few French actresses does not an A-list front row make.

No matter: The A-list will be wearing it soon enough, and that's where it counts. Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chuiri showed a collection filled with their signature intense couture lace work, color (Valentino red, blush, black, violet and pink), and fuller skirts than years past, but each dress had a lot going on and was an art piece unto itself.

Anyone who saw the fashion doc Valentino: The Last Emperor knows that even though master Valentino himself is retired, he created an amazing couture house with experienced tailors, sewers and couturiers, who spend years creating even one exquisite dress.

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in an ornate Valentino couture gown, and no doubt, loads of stars will want to wear the gowns from this fall couture collection as well. Valentino does red better than any other house -- and they do lace in the most extraordinary way -- so the combo on gowns was just outstanding. Their silhouette was one of very tight sleeves (also seen at Dior), tight bodices and A-line fuller skirts. When they did black, they did it in semi-sheers -- some chic, some wildly sexy. No doubt  Kardashian had her eye on the sexier ones. One dramatic black gown was almost monastic -- then had black openwork all down the front, from head to toe.

Their violet/pink color lace was so subtle and floral-looking that it was almost more striking than the reds. They even did a blush peach tone with a smattering of a floral print on it that was also quite beautiful and detailed. Note to Emma Stone, fashion's latest risk-taker: Please snag a Valentino fall couture ASAP!

Also, a note to stylists dressing any actresses headed to the Venice and Toronto film fests: Put in your orders now! These dresses take a lot of work to complete.