'Vampire Diaries': What the Viewers Are Saying


Thursday's episode saw Stefan embracing his dark side, with one viewer exclaiming, "I love evil Stefan!"

On the latest installment of The Vampire Diaries, a lot happened to the Mystic Falls residents.

With events transpiring before senior year, Elena and company find themselves in a bit of trouble when Klaus appears in the high school and says to Elena, “You are supposed to be dead. What are we going to do about that?” Viewers saw Damon and Katherine go on a road trip of sorts, with Jeremy an unwilling participant, and Stefan fully embracing his dark side, drinking the blood of Elena's classmates -- right in front of her eyes.

Another reveal was made during the episode. Turns out Jeremy isn't the only one who has visions of the dead, his new friend Matt suddenly holds some of that power too. “I can help you, Matty," says a text message that Matt receives from her dead vampire sister Vicki. Then, he concocts a not-so-brilliant plan: If he dies (and Bonnie brings him back to life), maybe he can finally close the books with his sister. But Vicki's reappearance isn't just to fulfill Matt's needs. Her message from the Original witch: Hybrids (which Klaus is one of) are dying because Elena is still alive. Those were just some of the things that happened in the episode.

Here are what some viewers had to say about Thursday's hour:

Katie Phillips: TVD was freaking amazing AGAIN! I love evil Stefan! I got Damon/Katherine make out and some Delena goodness. So happy!

Nadine Alessandra: Tyler is so HOT! You too, Damon and Klaus. (: #VampireDiaries is getting sooo good! :>

Jason: Only Casey Hughes, err... I mean @zach_roerig can pull off that suicide move and make it hot!

Joann Medrano: Seriously I walked away for one minute. And this is what happened. I just can't.

Mackenzie: I think I need to watch #VampireDiaries 6 more times before I fully comprehend what has happened

the Mozuku: well.... after that great episode of #VampireDiaries I'm feeling all emotional... guess now would be a good time to try and write....

Bonnie Fuller: does anyone not think it's strange that 2 dead stuidents left lying in gym? Everone's kissg at end!

katie: I don't care of Klaus is the villain. His accent is hot, and his soft side is beautiful.

She wrote in an earlier tweet: The perfect end to a not so perfect day: watchin #VampireDiaries & eatin freshly baked cookies w/ milk. Also: Rippah Stefan is hot.

Jaclyn Perichak: ouh #vampirediaries the things you do to meeeeeeeeee

A. Mck: Matt and jermey can both contact the dead?!?!?!!

Daniel Southan: Just came to the conclusion that I'm going to be a hybrid for hween

Tina Gualtieri: Wow does #VampireDiaries ever disappoint??

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