Van Halen Announces 2012 Tour With New Rehearsal Footage (Video)

The band's first tour in five years, complete with David Lee Roth, appears to promise 57-year-old gyrations.

Van Halen is hitting the road.

The band sent out a tweet and Facebook alert on Sunday afternoon, confirming their rumored plans to tour in 2012.

There are no dates to share at the time, but a video heralding the shows says the first batch of tickets will go on sale January 10.

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That video also shows that the band members might not be ready to act their age. While a soundtrack of "Jump" and "Hot for Teacher" play in the background, rehearsal footage of the group includes 57-year-old lead singer David Lee Roth gyrating and shuffling wildly across the stage.

And a tour isn't the only thing in the pipeline for the band. After The Hollywood Reporter recently broke news that the band was signing with Interscope Records, an album is expected to be released within the year. It will mark the band's first studio effort with Roth since 1984.

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Roth rounds out the current Van Halen line-up, which includes drummer Alex Van Halen, guitarist Eddie Van Halen and his son, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen.

Watch the full tour announcement below:


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