Vanessa Redgrave joins Robin Hood film

Actress to star opposite Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott pic

Vanessa Redgrave is joining the cast of director Ridley Scott's untitled Robin Hood project, starring Russell Crowe, which is beginning production in the U.K.

Redgrave will play Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of King John (Oscar Isaacs). Also joining the cast is French actress Lea Seydoux, who plays Princess Isabella in the upcoming "Inglourious Basterds."

The project, originally envisioned as a revisionist take on the Robin Hood story told from the point of view of the Sheriff of Nottingham, was scheduled to begin filming last August but was put on hold in July for more script work.

As described by Universal, the Universal/Imagine project, written by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris and Brian Helgelandkeep this formulation for the writers now follows Robin from his early days in King Richard's army to his return to Nottingham to his creation of a band of mercenaries who challenge the sheriff and eventually try to prevent civil war.

Producing are Brian Grazer, Scott and Crowe. Charles Schlissel is exec producing.

Cate Blanchett, as Lady Marion, is starring opposite Crowe. The cast also includes Mark Strong as King John's henchman Sir Godfrey; Scott Grimes as Welshman Will Scarlet; Kevin Durand as Scotsman Little John; and Alan Doyle as the Irish troubadour Allan Adayle.

The crew includes includes cinematographer John Mathieson, production designer Arthur Max, editor Pietro Scalia and costume designer Janty Yates.
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