'The Vanishing' Trailer: Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan Battle Greed, Paranoia in Seaside Thriller

Originally titled 'Keepers,' the suspense drama follows three lighthouse keepers who discover treasure on a secluded Scottish isle.

Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Connor Swindells go for gold in the first trailer for The Vanishing, a seaside thriller centering on three lighthouse keepers who stumble upon a chest of riches on a remote Scottish isle. Fueled by greed and anxiety, the three men eventually descend into violence and paranoia.

"We don’t talk about this," Mullan's Thomas commands his counterparts. "We tell no one — and I mean absolutely no one. One word spoken, and we are dead."

Later, a sequence of suspenseful moments provide insight into the high stakes surrounding the island's treasures. Upon discovering the chest of gold, Swindells' Donald must protect himself against another money-lusting pursuer who attempts to drown him in the tide pools. The stir-crazy men even begin to turn on each other as time goes on.

“Someone’s going to come after this," Thomas warns the others. And after a montage of morally questionable decisions, Butler's James wonders whether the ends have justified the trio's murderous means of protecting their treasure.

"We're going to pay for what we've done," he says.

Directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and produced by the makers of 2016's Hacksaw Ridge, The Vanishing hits theaters in January.