Vanity Fair Faces Backlash Over New Year's Resolutions Video for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton - 2016 Final Presidential Debate - Getty - H 2017
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The #CancelVanityFair hashtag was trending on Twitter.

Vanity Fair has come under fire following a new video, in which the magazine's staffers suggest New Year's resolutions for Hillary Clinton.

The video, posted to Twitter on Saturday, sees staff members suggesting Clinton do the following in 2018: write a sequel to her 2017 book What Happened; get a tech staff member to disable autofill on her iPhone so that "F" doesn't suggest "Form Exploratory Committee in 2020"; teach a class on alternate nostril breathing; take more photos in the woods; take up a new hobby like knitting or doing improv comedy; and put away the James Comey voodoo doll. The clip ended with VF's Hive editors doing a "Cheers to you, Hillary" champagne toast. 

What may have meant to be satire came off as condescending, sexist and tone-deaf, according to Twitter users. The video led the #CancelVanityFair hashtag to start trending on Twitter.

Boyhood actress Patricia Arquette and La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz also weighed in on the matter.

Following backlash, the magazine admitted the video was an attempt at humor that "missed the mark" in a statement obtained by the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Nonetheless some Twitter users wondered if male politicians like Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden would get the same video treatment as Clinton. While Vanity Fair didn't make resolutions for Sanders or Biden, the Conde Nast-owned glossy did create similar videos for President Donald Trump (who is given the suggestion of getting a haircut "to not look crazy") and Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser to Trump. A clip was also made for Sarah Huckabee Sanders.