'Veep' Creator Working on Stalin Comedy Film

Armando Iannucci said the project was still very much in the planning stages.

Armando Iannucci, the British comic and satirist behind Emmy-winning HBO show Veep and its U.K. predecessor The Thick of It, has revealed that his next project will see him move into previously unchartered cinematic territories.

“It’s a sort of comedy about the death of Stalin,” he told an audience at London’s British Film Institute, where he introduced Woody Allen’s 1980 comedy-drama Starlight Memories as part of a series in which filmmakers discuss films that have inspired them.

Without going into detail on the upcoming comedy, Iannucci — who directed and co-wrote 2009’s political comedy In the Loop — added that the Stalin "sort of comedy" would be a film rather than a TV project, and that it was still very much in the planning stages. Speaking about In the Loop, he said that having seen a cinema full of people laughing when it first premiered at Sundance, he could "die happy."

Iannucci also said that he was currently editing the fourth season of Veep, which is due to start on HBO on April 12.