'Veep' Star Matt Walsh on Series Finale and Why It's Time to Say Goodbye

"It's nice to be able to say goodbye on your own terms and get out before the show stops working," Walsh said of the series finale of 'Veep.'

After seven seasons and 17 Emmys, including three best comedy wins, audiences are saying goodbye to the vulgar, self-obsessed politician Selina Meyer and her band of misfits on HBO's Veep

Matt Walsh, who plays former White House Press Secretary Mike McLintock on the series, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss the "bittersweet" finale. "It's nice to say goodbye on your own terms and get out before the show stops working," he said. "You want to go out on top, but it’s sad because it’s been like a family for the last seven seasons."

The Emmy-award winning series has been on top of its game, but as Walsh explains, the state of the political climate and current administration are "rather challenging to satirize" for the show’s writers.  

"Oftentimes in our writer's room, they pitch ideas and they were like, 'No that's crazy. That would never happen.' And then lo and behold, in the Trump administration, it would happen," he said. 

With the world of politics becoming more and more unbelievable, showrunner David Mandel and star Julia Louis-Dreyfus felt it was time to say goodbye.

"I think it was challenging in this current administration to satirize it or get ahead of it, and that intangible vibe. I think Julia and Dave were like, 'I think we've done everything we’ve wanted to do, so why don’t we come home?'" Walsh said.

The last day on set was an emotional one for the cast and crew and involved "drinking too much tequila in the writers room," Walsh said.

He added, "It was this string of tearful farewells, like dinner and parties and cast wraps and gifts, and so there was a lot of tears but I personally try to be connected to it and not just joke about it, but really express how valuable and grateful I am to have worked with everyone and what they meant to me."

Watch the video above to hear Walsh explain what he did on his final day on set, Julia's return to set after her battle with breast cancer and his new romantic comedy Under the Eiffel Tower.