'Veep' Star Tony Hale Reveals Why He Wrote a Children's Book

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Tony Hale

The actor meditates on careerism in 'Archibald's Next Big Thing'

This story first appeared in the Sept. 12 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Tori Spelling wrote Presenting … Tallulah, about a daughter of privilege. Julianne Moore penned Freckleface Strawberry, about the plight of a fair-skinned child. Now Veep's Tony Hale, who broke out as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development, has gotten personal as well, meditating on careerism with his own metaphor-laden new children's book, Archibald's Next Big Thing.

It's about an unfocused yet yearning young chicken who goes on a surreal adventure that teaches him the value of mindfulness.

"It's based on a lesson that I absorbed about this business from being in it for 20 years," says Hale. "You're always asked, 'What's next?' When I booked Arrested Development, it was a dream job. But even when I got it, I was still looking for the next thing. You have to wake yourself up 100 times a day to where you are. I love to talk about this with my daughter [8-year-old Loy]. It's a discipline to stay present."