Wave Washes Away Two Crew Members on Norwegian Film Shoot

Veil of Twilight Director Interview - H 2011

Veil of Twilight Director Interview - H 2011

The accident follows a similar tragedy on a Swedish shoot last month.

COLOGNE, Germany – Two crew members of Viking-era drama The Veil of Twilight are missing and presumed dead after they were washed out to sea by a giant wave.

The pair were shooting footage of the devastating storm that hit the region this weekend when they were swept away. A third crew member managed to swim ashore, rescue officials said. The men were producer Daniel Henrriksbo of Norwegian production firm Vidvinkel Film and Mats Bjarg, a member of the film’s photo unit. After a prolonged helicopter search of the area, a spokesman for the Norwegian rescue crew told local broadcaster NRK there was no hope of finding the men alive.

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The accident follows a surprisingly similar tragedy in Sweden last month, when director Daniel Lind Lagerlof was killed while scouting locations for crime thriller The Fjallbacka Murders along Sweden’s west coast.

The Veil of Twilight, the debut feature from Norwegian director Paul Magnus Lundo, is a serial-killer thriller set in 1349 in a Nordic mountain village haunted by trolls and the Black Death. It stars Scottish actor Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting, Black Hawk Down), Denmark’s Kim Bodnia (In A Better World) and Norway’s Jorgen Langhelle (The Thing).

It is not clear how the accident will effect the film’s production. Veil of Twilight was close to finishing principle photography and had been set to bow in Norway next summer.