Venice: 'And Tomorrow The Entire World' Exclusive Trailer

And Tomorrow the Entire World-VENICE FILM FESTIVAL
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How far would you go to fight for your political ideals?

A young activist joins Antifa in And Tomorrow The Entire World, the new film from German director Julia von Heinz. 

In the first international trailer for the film (see below), we meet Louisa (Mala Emde), a rich girl who falls in with a collective of Antifa activists. The group's mission, to fight the rise of neo-Nazis across Germany, initially appeals to Louisa and she gets drawn deeper in. Not least because of her growing attraction to Alfa (Noah Saavedra), one of the group's leaders. But as the group begins to carry more violent, and illegal, actions, Louisa has to decide how far she is willing to go to fight for her political ideals. 

The subject couldn't be more timely. Antifa has become the new boogeyman for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, with several speakers at the Republican Convention name-checking the left-wing group and warning Americans that Antifa will bring chaos to the country if Joe Biden is elected President in November. 

There is a similar, if less charged, political discussion around Antifa and left-wing activism in Germany. Many conservative politicians blamed the group for the violence that accompanied the G20 protests in the city of Hamburg in 2017. There was also anti-Antifa rhetoric this summer after several police officers were assaulted in the city of Stuttgart, although the violence was not part of any demonstration and there is no evidence that anyone associated with Antifa was present. 

And Tomorrow The Entire World will premiere in competition at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, which kicks off next week. Films Boutique is selling the movie worldwide.

Check out the trailer below.