Venice Days sidebar focuses on new directors

'Another Planet,' 'Portals' among films

GENEVA, Switzerland -- A film made for less than 1,000 euros and another based, in part, on the making of a Venice prize-winner from two years ago are among the 13 titles selected for the Venice Days sidebar.

Some 17 countries share production or co-production credits on the films in this year's lineup, which is putting its focus on new directors, organizers said Friday.

Venice Days, now in its fifth edition, takes place Aug. 28-Sept. 6, starting a day after the opening of the 65th Venice Film Festival and continuing until its conclusion.

The sidebar includes 12 world and one international premiere and seven first or second works from the directors. Four Italian productions or co-productions are among the lineup while France, Germany and the U.K. are the only other countries with more than one production or co-production credit. None of the films are from the U.S.

The lineup includes Stefano Tummolini's debut film "Another Planet," which was filmed over the span of one week at the seaside near Rome with a total budget of just 980 euros ($1,539). Camille d'Arcimoles' "Portrais: Who Knows," meanwhile, tells the story of the work of director Emanuele Crialese, who won a Silver Lion in Venice in 2006 for "Nuovo Mondo" (Golden Door).
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