Venice Film Fest: Artistic Director Alberto Barbera to Stay on for Additional Year

Alberto Barbera

"At a certain point, Venice became a little difficult to grasp," says Barbera, 62, who immediately began streamlining the proceedings. "It was bigger than it needed to be."

The board of directors approved a one-year extension to make the transition period more efficient.

After four years as head of Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barbera is returning for one more year as artistic director in 2016. The board of directors, chaired by Paolo Baratta, approved a one-year extension to make the transition phase between periods more efficient.

The one-year extension applies across the Biennale for Alberto Barbera (cinema), Virgilio Sieni (dance), Ivan Fedele (music) and Alex Rigola (theatre). Alejandro Aravena was previously announced as the director of the 2016 International Architecture Exhibition.

The one-year extension was a mandate long desired by the board, which is likely keen to renew Barbera for another four-year term as artistic director after the one-year stint is up.

The 73rd Venice Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world, takes place next September. Last year’s festival saw Alfonso Cuaron preside over the jury in what proved to be a strong year for Latin American films with From Afar, Venezuela’s first competition entry from Lorenzo Vigas, winning the Golden Lion and Argentina’s Pablo Trapero winning the Silver Lion for The Clan