Venice Film Fest Hit 'White Sun' Unveils First Trailer (Exclusive)

White Sun -Still 2 -H 2016
Courtesy of TIFF

A family divided by bloody war must come together to put their father to rest in this Nepalese drama from director Deepak Rauniyar.

One of the sleeper hits out of the Venice Film Festival this year was Nepalese drama White Sun.

The second feature from writer-director Deepak Rauniyar is a family drama set against the stunning, sky-high backdrop of the Himalayas and the violent history of Nepal in which a war between royalists and Maoists cost 16,000 lives between 1996-2006.

The film kicks off with the sudden death of Chitra (Prakash Ghimire), the former mayor of a small mountain village. According to local tradition, his body must be carried down the mountain to be cremated near a river. His estranged son, Chandra (Dayahang Rai), who left to fight with the Maoists, returns to find old battles still simmering under the surface.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first trailer of White Sun, which just screened at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. The Match Factory is selling worldwide.

Check out the trailer below.