Venice Film Festival delves into docus

Antonioni, 1968 riots are among subjects

ROME -- Iconic Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni will be honored at the upcoming Venice Film Festival with a documentary about his life, while a documentary about the student riots of 1968 and a third about Venice's slow sink into the sea also will screen.

The official lineup for Venice was announced last week, but news about sidebar and industry screenings continue to trickle in as the festival's opening approaches.

Director Carlo di Carlo's "Antonioni on Antonioni" is based on interviews with Antonioni. One of the authors of Italy's neo-realism movement and a Venice regular, Antonioni died last year at 94.

"Venezia Crepa" (Venice Dying) is a film about the overcrowding of Venice, its deteriorating architecture and its slow sink into the sea. It will screen in the festival's industry section.

"Venezia '68," from Antonello Sarno and Steve della Casa, is a documentary about the widespread student riots of 40 years ago and the impact they had on the festival that year.

The Venice festival, in its 65th year, starts Wednesday and concludes Sept. 6.