Venice Gowns: Italian Labels Rule at 'Iceman' Premiere

Winona Brit Dress Split

Brit Marling and Winona Ryder show up in some new school and old school gowns for the Venice Film Fest premiere of Ariel Vromen's crime thriller.

Brit Marling stars in the upcoming film Arbitrage, so we're about to see this newish actress on more fall season red carpets - but we definitely had no idea what to expect her. This Gucci white strapless gown she wore to the evening premier of the new Michael Shannon film The Iceman, with embroidered hemline, is a total wow. It's got a different shape from the structured gowns of yore - it's soft, hippiesque, summery - perfect for Venice, and perfect for her height and long messy hair. Whoever her stylist is, they picked a winner. And of course, she's wearing an Italian label in Italy - a good way to please the Italian press.

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Winona Ryder hasn't been on a red carpet in a long time, even though she's shown up in some strange movie roles in the last few years. Now she's starring in The Iceman, as the wife of stone cold hit man. It's been 19 years since she attended the Venice Film Festival for Scorsese's The Age of Innocence - and she actually doesn't look any older, or definitely any less svelte. This strapless black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown is rather old school - we've seen Dolce do this look before - but the fact is, it is classic and it looks amazing on her. The fit is pretty striking - it probably had a lot of fittings to fit like that. And it's Italian, of course. And lace has been a hot trend for two seasons and it only gets hotter. She seems to want to dress her age, and not appear like the girly starlet she wants was. In any case, it all makes for a striking silhouette.