Venice sidebar salutes spaghetti Westerns


ROME -- With director and Italian film buff Quentin Tarantino on hand as a co-presenter, the fourth edition of the Venice International Film Festival's popular Secret History of Italian Film sidebar will examine more than 40 years of spaghetti Westerns.

Venice organizers said that Tarantino -- who also participated in the inaugural Secret History event in 2004 -- will be one of directors, producers, actors and writers honoring the genre of Italy-based westerns launched by Sergio Leone's 1964 classic "A Fistful of Dollars."

The program, selected in part by scholars, will feature some 40 completely restored classic features. Among the films scheduled to screen are "El Desperado" from Franco Rossetti, Sergio Corbucci's "Djanco," "Blood for a Silver Dollar" from Girgio Ferroni, and "Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead" by Giuseppe Vari.

Other films inspired by the genre will screen in various parts of the festival, including at least two world premieres.

The 64th annual Venice International Film festival will take place Aug. 29-Sept. 8.