Venice: Silver Lion Winner 'The Postman's White Nights' Captivates Buyers

Biennale di Venezia
'The Postman's White Nights'

Andrei Konchalovsky's new film blends documentary style shooting with narrative improvisation

Moscow-based Antipode has quite an eye for films. After picking up worldwide sales rights for Andrei Konchalovsky’s latest film The Postman’s White Nights in Venice, the film went on to take home the Silver Lion for best director Saturday at the festival’s close.

They've sealed deals with Leopardo Filmes for Portugal and ASC Distribution for France. Antipode chief Anton Mazurov tells The Hollywood Reporter he is close to signing with seven other territories.

The Postman’s White Nights was widely hailed in Venice for breathtaking cinematography and for the director’s effortless ability to make one small-town story universal. The film was a very personal one for Konchalovsky, shot in a post-documentary style using unprofessional actors playing themselves.

Konchalovsky has a strong history with the Venice Film Festival, where he also picked up the Grand Jury Prize in 2002 for House of Fools. His most recent U.S. project was 2009’s The Nutcracker in 3D.

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