Venice: Take a 360 VR Look at Global Warming With 'Greenland Melting' (Exclusive Video)

Photo courtesy of Catherine Upin
'Greenland Melting'

The documentary from Nova, Frontline and the Emblematic Group premiered as part of the Venice Film Festival's VR lineup.

In a film that might convince even the most strident of climate change deniers, PBS series Frontline and Nova have joined forces with the Emblematic Group to examine the rapid melting of the Arctic ice sheet.

The result, Greenland Melting, is a 3D, 360-degree virtual reality film that hopes to bring home the physical reality of epic changes occurring in the northern hemisphere.

The trailer from the film shows NASA scientists, rendered as 3D figures, as they conduct groundbreaking research into the forces transforming the landscape, and examine the ramifications for the entire world.

Nova and Frontline produced Greenland Melting together with Emblematic Group in association with X-Rez Studio and Realtra.

Greenland Melting is screening at the Venice International Film Festival as part of its VR lineup, Venice Virtual Reality.

Check out the trailer of Greenland Melting below.