China Box Office: 'Venom' Gets Release Extension, 'Bumblebee' Locks Down Date

Venom - Still 10 - SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT Publicity- H 2018
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Some 26 days into its release, Sony's Spider-Man spinoff continues to earn more than $1 million per day, building on its $265 million China total.

Sony's Venom has been granted a somewhat rare 30-day release extension in China, where it continues to build on its already heroic $265 million box-office total.

The Sony superhero tentpole opened in the Middle Kingdom on Nov. 9, decisively ending a blockbuster dry spell by becoming one of the biggest Hollywood imports of the year, second only to Avengers: Infinity War ($360 million). Some 26 days into its release, the Tom Hardy-starring Spider-Man spinoff continues to earn more than $1 million per day.

China's film bureau initially grants imported Hollywood films a release permit of 30 days, and on the rare occasions where the title is still earning considerable revenue near the end of that duration, the U.S. studio may apply for an extension.

Venom's phenomenal success in China represents a big win for Sony film chief Tom Rothman, as well as Chinese internet giant Tencent, which took a high 25 percent equity stake in the film. Its momentum will finally be dampened Friday with the release of Warner Bros. and DC's Aquaman, directed by James Wan.

Also heading to China soon is Universal's The Grinch on Dec. 14, followed by Paramount's Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, which just locked down a release date of Jan. 4.

Michael Bay's Transformers franchise has been one of the most successful U.S. film properties ever in China, with the last two installments, The Last Knight and Age of Extinction, earning $229 million and $320 million, respectively.