Ventana Sur: 'Natural Science' and 'Los Banistas' Win Primer Corte Awards

Argentina’s "Still Life" and Brazil’s "Dark Sea" won in the new Blood Window side-bar for horror and sci-fi films.

BUENOS AIRES – Argentina’s Natural Science and Mexico’s Los Banistas won Ventana Sur’s Primer Corte awards for unfinished LatAm fiction films, out of a six film slate selected by Cinefondation's Georges Goldenstern. The awards were announced Friday in a press conference lead by the outgoing head of Argentine Film Institute Liliana Mazure and Primer Corte coordinator Maria Nuñez.

Mazure praised the growing Latin American film production: “We’ve seen how the films submitted for Primer Corte have been increasing in both quantity and quality,” she said. “Latin American governments have recognized the importance of the region’s cinema and have provided support for their countries film production.”

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Natural Science, the first film by Argentine helmer Matias Lucchesi, received a series of distribution and post-production awards. The jury was comprised of members of European film companies: Emannuelle Le Courtois (Eye on Films), Bruno Deloye (Cine+), and Stéphane Chirol (TITRATVS).

Max Zunino’s Los Banistas, from Mexico, won the two remaining awards. The first one consists in a $10,000 advance for international distribution of the film and post-production services, given by Habanero and Sofia Films in partnership with Assimilate.

Zunino’s film also picked the local awards, a set of post-production services organized by Haciendo Cine magazine, and delivered by Alta Definicion Argentina, Full Dimensional, Tauro Digital, Jose Luis Diaz, and Tienda Cine Si.

Gabriel Grieco’s Still Life and Rodrigo Aragao’s Dark Sea topped the BWIP competition within Ventana Sur’s new genre sidebar Blood Window, the region’s first market for LatAm horror, sci-fi, and thriller films.

Ventana Sur film market closed Friday, and ran Dec. 3 - 6 in Buenos Aires.