'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Backers to Receive Refunds After Digital Download Snafus (Report)

Veronica Mars Set Visit One - H 2014
Warner Bros.

Veronica Mars Set Visit One - H 2014

Dissatisfied supporters of the crowdfunded film had trouble accessing their copy of it, delivered via Flixster and UltraViolet.

While most Veronica Mars die-hards are delighted with the feature's release on Friday, a percentage of the crowdfunded film's backers were left dissatisfied with the delivery of their digital downloads. According to multiple reports, Warner Bros. will be issuing refunds to supporters who had trouble accessing their copy of the film.

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Mars' Kickstarter backers who pledged $35 or more to the campaign -- which raised more than $5 million from 91,585 supporters -- were promised "a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut," which turned out to be via movie website Flixster and Warner Bros.-backed streaming service UltraViolet, rather than with a downloadable movie file or a code to access the film via iTunes or Amazon.

Angry backers took to the campaign's comments section to vent that because of the studio's delivery choice to use the cloud-based storage service UltraViolet, they don't actually own a copy of the film that they can keep. Some also noted that the service doesn't work in particular foreign countries, or that their downloads were so slow that they opted instead to purchase the feature on iTunes, Amazon or on the big screen instead -- meaning that they paid extra to watch the film they'd already backed.

Warner Bros. will reportedly issue $10 or a full refund to those who have contacted customer support that they have purchased the movie elsewhere.

"We know that some of you have strong opinions about the decision to provide digital versions of the movie through Flixster," creator Rob Thomas wrote in an update on Friday. "As you'll see in the original FAQ on our Kickstarter page, we've always planned to include Flixster as a digital distribution platform. But I also know that many of you use iTunes, Amazon or other platforms, and would prefer to claim your digital copies on your favorite service, so we hoped we'd also be able to arrange for more options. Unfortunately, it just wasn't possible. In the end, Flixster was the best option for getting the digital movie reward out to all of you, worldwide, at the same time.

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"But more than anything, I genuinely want today to be perfect for all of you. It's March 14. Today, your movie came out worldwide, and I want you to be able to watch it on whatever platform or device works best for your needs. If you paid for a copy of the movie a year ago, we don't want you to have less choice and freedom than people who decide to buy it today. And we definitely don't want you to end up paying twice just to see the movie on your preferred service.

"Please know that Warner Bros have given Customer Support a lot of freedom to help make things right, so if you're having issues, please let them know: they'll do their best to either help get Flixster working to your satisfaction, or, if you prefer, to provide an alternate solution."

Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment.

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