'Veronica Mars' Movie Casts Jerry O'Connell as the New Sheriff Lamb (Video)

Jerry O'Connell in "Veronica Mars"

The actor is the latest name to board the project, currently in production and scheduled for a big Comic-Con tease this week.

The ever-expanding cast of the Veronica Mars movie may soon rival its number of Kickstarter backers. Creator Rob Thomas took the opportunity in one of his many newsletters to announce the addition of Jerry O'Connell on Wednesday.

The We Are Men actor will play a new character with some very familiar ties: O'Connell is set to play new Balboa County Sheriff Dan Lamb, brother of deceased Don Lamb (Michael Muhney). The original sheriff, a foil to Veronica (Kristen Bell) for much of the series, was felled by a baseball bat to the head in the third season.

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"A few years ago, Adam Scott invited me to the premiere of Piranha," wrote Thomas. "The performance in that movie that I couldn't get over was Jerry O'Connell's take on an amoral, coked-up and soon-to-be penis-less smut peddler. I just kept wanting to get back to scenes of Jerry chewing scenery."

Enter the new sheriff. Just joining the production this week, O'Connell also took the opportunity to record a video message to Kickstarter backers (below).

O'Connell joins recent additions Ken Marino, Max Greenfield and Andrea Estella.

Details on the Neptune High School reunion plot have been kept under wraps since production got underway last month, but expect some information to leak out of Comic-Con on Friday. Thomas and the cast are feting the Veronica Mars revival with a formal Hall H Panel, a signing and an afterparty for Kickstarter supporters.