'Veronica Mars' Movie: Rob Thomas Formalizes Comic-Con Plans

Veronica Mars Cast - H 2013
Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Veronica Mars Cast - H 2013

With two days to go on the Kickstarter drive, the creator announces a signing, party and likely panel at the San Diego event.

With less than two days to go before it ends, the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter just passed $5 million -- handsomely surpassing its $2 million goal. And as the updates come fast and furious from creator Rob Thomas, the creator announced Wednesday formal plans for programming at summer's San Diego Comic-Con.

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Plans include an autograph signing at the Warner Bros. booths, a private party and, if Thomas has his way, an official panel.

"We're still working with the organizers to figure out if we'll be holding an official, scheduled panel as part of Comic-Con," Thomas wrote in his latest letter to donors to the project. "I'll be there, along with as many of our cast members as I can bring along, and we'll be doing an exclusive Q&A session."

The timing of Comic-Con, July 18-21, also means that photography on the project likely will be completed. And Thomas says that the private fan event will include exclusive footage from the film.

The visit will be a homecoming of several sorts for the Veronica Mars team. Set in the San Diego suburbs, the show filmed at the city's Stu Segall Productions for its three-season run.

Most recently, the Veronica Mars movie announced news of series star Jason Dohring officially joining the project and completion of a first draft of the script.