Veronica Mars Wears Baume & Mercier Linea Wristwatch

Courtesy of Baume et Mercier

Kristen Bell's character donned the Baume & Mercier timepiece in the new film.

The team behind the big-screen production of fan favorite Veronica Mars cast a Baume & Mercier Linea timepiece on the wrist of the lead character.

Played by Kristen Bell, former teen detective Veronica Mars enters life in the big city with a new sense of style and poise.

The 2004-2007 television series featured Mars as a high schooler, while the 2014 film production takes place with the now grown-up protagonist in career mode after having moved to New York City, and she wears a watch that reflects her professional status.

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Veronica Mars is among a new crop of mainly fan-funded productions; this one came about after creator Rob Thomas went to Kickstarter as a means of getting the movie made. 

In the end, $5.7 million of fan donations went into producing the film, which was released on March 14, and viewers will no doubt eye it with an extreme attention for detail. 

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While still a luxury timepiece, the Linea worn by Bell is relatively accessibly priced as a contemporary and versatile timepiece for women. The 10070 model featured in the film comes in a 32mm wide steel case with a Swiss quartz movement and has a unique feature that allows for a quick strap change.

The timepiece comes with both a steel bracelet and a black leather strap (which Mars wears during the film). A tasteful watch, it matches the sophisticated nature of the character well, while also being an item Veronica Mars fans can relate to and feasibly acquire with a retail price of $2,400. 

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