Vertical Picks Up Latest 'Snow Queen,' 'Sheep and Wolves' Titles From Wizart (Exclusive)

Snow Queen
Courtesy of Wizart Animation

'Snow Queen'

The 'Snow Queen' franchise has earned more than $100 million at the global box office, according to the Russian animation house.

Russian animation house Wizart has struck a deal with Vertical Entertainment for the latest installments of its two biggest family franchises.

Vertical has swooped on The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands and Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal for the U.S. and Canada, with theatrical and digital releases planned.

Mirrorlands — the fourth Snow Queen title — is set to hit North American screens in time for Christmas on Dec. 18, while Pig Deal is planned for release on Jan. 29.

According to Wizart, Mirrorlands has already been seen by 17 million viewers in more than 80 countries, while the Snow Queen franchise as a whole has amassed a global box office in excess of $100 million.

"Audiences all over the world loved Gerda’s story so much – the story of how her kindness and firm faith in friendship helped her find a way even to the most cold and snowy heart – that our company couldn’t help but continue the narration about the well-known characters," said Wizart producer Vladimir Nikolaev. "Currently the studio is producing a spin-off for the popular franchise, named The Snow Queen: Keepers of Wonders, where the familiar characters encounter malicious evil that never breaks them."

Wizart has several TV shows and feature films in production, including the fairytale romantic comedy Warrior Heart.