Verve Surprises Two Staffers With Holiday Promotions Announced by Their Mothers

Jake Dillman and Michael Chung_Split - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Verve

Motion picture coordinator Michael Chung and TV coordinator Jake Dillman were elevated before the holiday break, giving them full agent status in 2020.

Management at Verve found a clever way to break news about a pair of holiday promotions — by using a Jeopardy-style game and their moms. 

During the agency’s holiday party — held at Audrey restaurant inside the Hammer Museum in Westwood — partner Adam Weinstein hosted a Jeopardy-style game which strategically included Michael Chung, a motion picture coordinator, and Jake Dillman, a TV coordinator, as participants, along with three other Verve employees. Following the first round, Chung and Dillman were selected for a special "lightning round" that required the duo to identify familiar images. The final images they were tasked with featured their respective mothers. Once the images popped up, the women, both flown in for the occasion, joined their sons onstage to announce that they were both being promoted to agent status.

"Michael and Jake were both raised by single mothers, who made sacrifices for them to be able to follow their dreams," said partner Adam Weinstein of the surprise, which played out in front of the 100 or so guests at the party. "Witnessing their sons’ promotions allowed them to see firsthand what they’ve been working for these past few years. I also think they came away from the event feeling confident that their children are working with people who care about them."

Added partner David Boxerbaum: "They were completely shocked! The moment when their mothers came out to officially promote them brought the house down, and we definitely saw some tears all around.”

Chung joined the agency in 2018, working for Parker Davis, followed by Weinstein. He came from UTA, where he was an agent trainee. Homegrown, Dillman joined Verve in 2016 as an intern before spending time on the desks of agents Melissa Darman, Matthew Doyle, Felicia Prinz, Chris Noriega and Rich Rogers.