Vesuvio Nabs 'Godfather of Gore's' Horror Film 'Uh-Oh Show'

Company acquires Herschell Gordon Lewis' low-budget movie for international distribution and greenlights the thriller 'Dead Weight.'

He has been called the "Godfather of Gore," and father of the splatter flick. Now octogenarian Herschell Gordon Lewis has returned to low-budget horror film directing with The Uh-Oh Show, which has been acquired for international distribution by Vesuvio Entertainment Corp.

CEO Greg H. Sims also announced Vesuvio has given the green light to production of the low-budget thriller Dead Weight, which is written and will be directed by Clint Lien, who made his directorial debut with Behind Your Eyes, Vesuvio's first in-house production which is making its market premiere at AFM.

Sims also announced the appointment of Peter Dominguez as Vesuvio's vp International Sales.

The Un-Oh Show, which premiered last month at the Spooky Movie Film Festival, comes 47-years after Lewis raised the gore level on screen with Blood Feast, which was an early indie that got a lot of attention in its day for the amount of sex and violence.

This is only the second movie Lewis has directed since 1972, following his 2001 sequel, Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat. His films include The Wizard of Gore and 2000 Maniacs.

Uh Oh is about the ultimate reality show where winners get rich and losers lose an arm, leg or other body part. Sim's describes it as a depraved version of Wheel Of Fortune. The web site Bad Lit called it, "Part social satire, part gross-out fest, part straight-up comedy, part fairy tale."

"At 82, Mr. Lewis is extraordinary and vital," said Sims; "everybody should have his energy, wit and storytelling ability."

In addition to his career as a producer and director, dating back to the 1950s, Lewis has written more than a dozen books -- including Sales Letters That Sizzle -- and lectures as a motivational speaker. A former college professor and ad executive, he's long been based in South Florida, where he also shoots his movies.

Dead Weight, which will shoot next spring in Vancouver, is a thriller using a lot of makeup special effects about a morbidly obese woman who is kidnapped, and forced to lose weight or face deadly consequences. Simms said that there were some important directors circling the project, but Vesuvio made the deal because Lein will direct as well as write.

"I have great confidence in (Lien's) weight as a director to pull this film off," said Sims, "no pun intended."

Sims also announced Vesuvio has moved into new offices in Century City.