Veteran British Producers Launch Production Banner Broadstairs Films

Hamish McAlpine, Colin Vaines and Carole Siller join forces to mount international projects "across all genres."

LONDON – Producers Hamish McAlpine (Funny Games), Colin Vaines (Coriolanus) and Carole Siller (The Hillside Strangler) have joined forces under startup production banner Broadstairs Films.

The trio will collaborate to develop and produce joint projects.

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Splitting their time between the U.K. and L.A., the partners will be at the American Film Market to cement relationships with both agencies and sales companies. Joining forces unites the trio's areas of expertise under one banner, they say.

The new venture also allows all three partners to continue developing their own independent slates with other producers.

McAlpine, a seasoned veteran and one of the industry's most flamboyant characters, ran Metro Tartan before it went into administration, while his partner, Siller, is a business strategist with expertise in finance.

Vaines, a former Weinstein Company high-flier and a onetime co-president of production with Graham King's GK Films, boasts exec producer credits on a slew of titles, including Gangs of New York, The Young Victoria and Miss Potter. 

Broadstairs Films’ first project will be Lost Girl, based on a story by McAlpine and written by Susan Everett. Billed as a London-based supernatural thriller, it details the story of a kidnapping that goes awry with horrifying consequences.

The company is also mounting a documentary titled Bhopal, about one of the planet's worst man-made disasters -- an American-owned pesticide plant leaked a deadly chemical gas over the densely packed slums of Bhopal, India, which killed thousands.

Broadstairs Films aims to produce international independent films of various genres by consolidating the partners’ relevant individual projects.